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Poul Hansen: “If you want to succeed at Goldman Sachs you need a high IQ, but what sets people apart is their EQ”

Poul, 25, just finished an almost three years stint with Goldman Sachs – arguably the most prestigious finance company in the world. We sat down with Poul to hear about his experience working at Goldman Sachs In London and his advice for any students that are considering a career in Finance. A bit about Poul Hansens background “I

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Jakob: “HippoCorn is like a record label. We sign with talented companies and understand what they need to succeed”

When Jakob returned to Denmark after a period of working as a CFO for a Venture Builder with HQ in South East Asia he was in doubt whether or not to pursue a career as a CFO or something which was more operational. Through his previous work in Denmark he connected with the notorious entrepreneur Morten Lund whom he met

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