Nikita: At PA Consulting we accept a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, you don’t necessarily need to have taken the ‘classical’ Management Consultant route

We sat down with Nikita who started her consulting career at PA Consulting summer 2019. PA Consulting is a global consulting company with a wide range of expertises, but a particular focus on IT, Operations and Innovation. In Denmark they are roughly 160 specialists who sits in the newly developed

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Hear how Johan managed to become a successful entrepreneur despite a grade point average of 5.4 from high-school

Johan is today a partner with INDIVIDUALS, a company he runs with 3 other partners. They are focused on supporting companies developing internal talent and ensure that the individuals maximises their potential through 1:1 sessions, work-shops and assessments. Johan has not taking the ‘classical’ career path. He ended high-school with

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