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Company description

BEC is a Danish, full-service IT house dating back to 1964. We have more than 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT systems for financial institutions operating in Denmark.

The idea behind BEC is joint development of IT solutions. Customers with expertise in specific business areas co-operate closely with BEC to create coherent, intuitive and comprehensive solutions for both smaller and larger banks – main stream and niche banks.

BEC has different sets of governance models tied to our customers in order to satisfy their need for influence in the development of BEC.


IT solutions
BEC has many and quite different customers and therefore a wide span of demands for IT solutions. A result of joint development with many non-similar customers is that we offer wall-to-wall-coverage of banking IT-solutions to all our customers. In addition we also supply selected solutions or services with standard integration to fulfil the needs for larger or niche banks to consolidate data with their group.
Examples of IT Solutions are:


Turnover in 2015
Turnover in 2015 was DKK 1.112 mill. The primary part of the turnover comes from those customers who have ownership of BEC. The remaining part comes from customers having a purely commercial agreement with BEC.


BEC’s head office is in Roskilde near Copenhagen with a larger branch in Herning. BEC’s subsidiary Schantz A/S is located in Copenhagen.


Our strategy

Our vision is to be the preferred IT partner for financial companies operating in Denmark. Our market focus is directed at supporting financial companies who are present in Denmark – both national and international based.


About 650 employees work at BEC. We focus on the development of our employees’ IT skills and business knowledge. It is one of our core competences to know the business of our financial customers in order to enter in a highly professional dialogue with our customers.


We address both smaller and larger financial companies. Customers with for example international parent companies or areas of business outside of BEC’s focus can use BEC’s open architecture to integrate data or use BEC’s services as part of their own IT solutions. See list of customers (in danish).


BEC is a Danish, full-service IT house dating back to 1964

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