The 2019/2020 graduate program season is upon us! Graduateships will be sharing insights on what companies are offering graduate programmes and what roles they are offering as well as sharing best practice for interviewing and making it all the way through.

As a starter then we have gathered a preview of ALL (yes you read that right) the graduate programmes in Denmark in order to ensure you have the full overview of the opportunities and know the various deadlines and starting dates.


Click here to see the list of 2019/2020 Graduate Programs


Below you can see an overview of the financial institutions in Denmark offering Graduate Programs this year.



What is a Graduate Program?

So what is a graduate programme or graduate job? Isn’t it the case that any job done by a graduate is a ‘graduate job’? 

Firstly, as you’d expect, it’s a job offered by graduate recruiters – companies large enough to need a constant flow of new talent that can be trained up for management roles in the future. Secondly, the job is almost certainly going to be a place on a formal graduate training program.

These programs are a way for recruiters to build up what is known in HR parlance as a ‘pipeline’: a group of high-flying graduates who are expected to aspire to leadership positions. In general it can be said that:

  • Usually lasts between 12 – 24 months
  • Includes rotations in other parts of the business (often international)
  • The pay varies but is often between 35,000 – 45,000 DKK per month
  • No role is guaranteed after the graduate program, but the majority finds roles within the company


2019/2020 Graduate Program Guide

This year we are seeing a record high number of graduate programs with more than  70 companies whom will be accepting graduates this year. We will be posting all of the positions on our website so keep and eye out!

Whilst we are still putting the final touches to the entire guide, we have shared a preview of the guide including the companies that are offering graduate programs this year: