All you need to know about the 2020/2021 graduate programme season in Denmark

04/10/2020 Graduateships Min.

The 2021 graduate program season is upon us! But don’t worry Graduateships will be here all the way to cover your back. We will be sharing insights on what companies are offering programs and what roles they are offering as well as sharing best practice for interviewing and making it all the way through.


What is a graduate programme?

So what is a graduate programme or graduate job? 


Firstly, as you’d expect, it’s a job offered by companies large enough to need a constant flow of new talent that can be trained up for management roles in the future. 


These programs are a way for recruiters to build up what is known in HR parlance as a ‘pipeline’: a group of high-flying graduates who are expected to aspire to leadership positions. It’s a great way to start your career where you will experience a structured programme and have the possibility to work on many differen areas of a company.


In general the below characterises a graduate programme:


  • Available for graduates with no more than a years experience
  • Degree agnostic (Open for most university degrees)
  • Usually lasts between 12 – 36 months
  • Includes 1-4 rotations in other parts of the business  
  • Often includes an international rotation in one of their affiliate offices
  • The pay varies but is often between 35,000 – 50,000 DKK per month
  • In most cases the graduate will be offered a role in the company after having completed the graduate programme, but it is not guaranteed


When will the guide launch?

We expect the guide to be live in the beginning of November


How can I be notified when the guide launches?

Use one of the below to be kept up to date on the guide and the individual programmes: 


Who is offering a graduate programme this year?

We will soon create an overview of the companies offering a graduate programme and the details around their programmes (application deadline

  • You can see last years guide here to get an idea for what kind of companies might also be offering a programme this year.


How many graduate programmes will you advertise?

Last year we had more than 300 roles and more than 60 companies in the guide. We expect to hit roughly the same numbers.


When can I apply for the graduate programmes?

It varies by programme but the season starts in October and ends in April. Most of the programmes will have a start date in September 2021, but that can also vary. In the guide we will share the details for all programmes.

I don’t speak Danish can I still apply?

It varies by programme, but in general the requirement is to speak English (and have the right to work in Europe). We will note in the guide what the language requirements are. 


What is it like doing a graduate programme?

We spoke with both graduates and recruiters to get their view and feedback

  • Read about Nicolas from Novo Nordisk experience here
  • Read the advice from Ditte who is a recruiter at Demant here on how to make your CV stand out
  • Read about Thu from Lime Technologies experience here


How do I create a good CV for graduate programmes?

Use the below free templates to increase your chances of getting picked out. in 2014 Novo Nordisk had more than 10,000 applicants, so making sure that you have a killer CV is crucial!

  • Get your free CV template here


What are the first 30 days like in a graduate programme?

We spoke with two current graduates from Grundfos and Vestas to get their input on how to best prepare for the first 30 days of the graduate programme:

  • Read about the first 30 days at Grundfos here
  • Read about the first 30 days at Vestas here