2021 Guide – Top Graduate Programmes In Denmark

17/12/2020 Graduateships Min.

It’s finally here – the 2021 guide to all Graduate Programmes in Denmark. We have received input from more than 60 employers in Denmark and we estimate the guide will contain more than 300 graduate positions  over the course of the coming 4 months. This is the most complete overview of graduate jobs in Denmark to date and will ensure you won’t miss any of the deadlines!


The programs are spread out across Denmark and welcomes applications from almost all study directions. We have also registered more than 36 programmes where English is the only language requirement. These are ideal for international graduates particularly from within the EU as it’s a requirement to have permission to live and work in Denmark.



Below is a snippet of some of the companies you can find in the guide:
In the guide you can find details such as: 


  • Link to the open positions
  • Application deadline & start date
  • Duration of the programme
  • Number of rotations (if there are international rotations included)
  • Company and application process information
  • Insights into the company and pro/cons of the company and graduate programme



Whats new this year?


This year we have focused a lot on creating insights through Interviews with current and former graduates as well as graduate programme leaders


We have also created dedicated graduate programme pages for selected companies to get further insights



➔  Lime Technology Graduate Programme

➔  Novozymes Graduate Programme

➔  PwC Graduate Programme

➔  Danish Crown Graduate Programme

Please share the guide with all your fellow students who are looking for graduate job opportunities in Denmark.