2023 Guide – Top graduate programmes in Denmark

About the Graduate Guide

The graduate guide was first officially released in 2018 making this the fourth year we provide a full overview into graduate programmes in Denmark. When we were graduating back in 2016 there was no such overview.

With our guide we are trying to bridge the gap for new graduates and the best companies in Denmark. Our mission stays the same – we want to provide the best overview and insights into the various graduate programmes in Denmark and internationally.

It’s finally here – the 2022/2023 guide to all Graduate Programmes in Denmark. We have received input from more than 60 employers in Denmark and we estimate the guide will contain more than 300 graduate positions  over the course of the coming 5 months. This is the most complete overview of graduate jobs in Denmark to date and will ensure you won’t miss any of the deadlines!


➔  2022/2023 Graduate Guide! Click here to download the full guide for free.


More than 60 confirmed programmes
All the companies in the guide have confirmed that they will have a graduate programme this year. But, as you will see in the guide it is not all graduate programmes that are live yet or where we have all the information. We will continuously update the guide to reflect the true state. So please do revisit it every now and then. If you have questions about specific programmes feel free to reach out to us.


No Danish – no problem
The programs are spread out across Denmark and welcomes applications from almost all study directions. We have also registered more than 30 programmes where English is the only language requirement. These are ideal for international graduates particularly from within the EU as it’s a requirement to have permission to live and work in Denmark.



Below is a snippet of some of the companies you can find in the guide:

➔  2022/2023 Graduate Guide! Click here to download the full guide for free.


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